We're working on an 80's rock medley with some of the biggest, coolest songs of that decade and it's gonna take a while because we keep wanting to add to it. "Dude, we gotta put this one in there!" We'll also be putting together a rap medley and maybe even a classic rock and country medley. It's fun being a musicians!  Anyway! I hope you all have been tuning in to WJJH 96.7 outta Ashland on Tuesdays at 6:45 Central Time for Clint's 'Yoopsday' report. But what if you don't live near Ashland, WI and still wanna hear it!? Then you go on the interwebs and head to their J-96 online stream and there ya go!  Our next show is on Halloween at the Monte Carlo in Hancock, MI. We're letting Chevy and his knee heal up and in the meantime we're working on some stuff we had on the backburner but never had time as a band to do; things such as putting together what we consider is a killer set of medleys so we can fit as many of our favorite songs into a show.
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